New Patients

We are happy to register new NHS patients within our catchment area.

Step 1:  Check you live in our catchment area below to avoid disappointment

We can only register patients who currently live within our catchment area.

Step 2:  Complete online registration form
Register Online

Also either one of our patient questionnaire’s

Adult Questionnaire Child Questionnaire
Email the following to us at
  • Your Signature (can be digital – scan/photo of your handwritten signature) to confirm you wish to register with the practice (this is a current NHS England requirement)
  • Two forms of Acceptable ID (if not possible, please let us know – Safe-Surgeries-Poster
    • We will not store these documents and we will securely delete/destroy them after our initial verification
  • OPTIONAL: Photo of your face to add to your records to help us identify you (if you agree)

Acceptable Identification: Photo Driving License, Passport, Tenancy agreement, Mortgage statement, Bank statement, Utility bill (date within the past 2 months) etc.

For children under 16 years of age, parents/ guardians should aim to provide a copy of Birth certificate and Immunisation record (in English).

If you wish to register by coming to the Surgery please come  between 10am and 5pm 

Please see below :

You must attend the surgery with 2 forms of identification (ID), one must be a photograph eg passport, driver’s license, ID card

Acceptable proof of address; tenancy or mortgage agreement, Utility bills,  credit card bills, bank statements and council tax bills . These must be dated within the last 2 months.

When you come in with your ID, please also print off the relevant patient questionnaire (based upon your age group), fill it in clearly using BLACK ink and bring it with you to the practice. We also have these forms available at reception.

Please provide us with your ID and proof of address within 14 days from submitting your registration form, or you will not be registered at the practice. 
Step 3:  Download both the NHSApp & Airmid apps (if have device)
  • Use the NHSApp first to create your NHSLogin . You need a UK mobile phone number, email address and Photo ID (Passport, UK/European Driving License or European ID card). It can help to have your NHS number at hand.
  • You can use the same NHSLogin to access the Airmid app, which is linked to our practice’s healthcare IT system (called SystmOne) . The Airmid app has some functionality  not  currently in the NHSApp (e.g. video consultations) and vice versa is true too, which is why we recommend you download both Apps in preparation for being registered with our practice.

Both these apps will enhance your digital experience as a patient at this practice.

Step 4:  Await confirmation that you have been registered & request Online Access to your Records

We aim to register you as quickly as possible and within 5 working days. If you have given us a UK mobile phone number, we will send you a text message to confirm you have been registered. If you do not receive such a message, you can email us at for an update.

Once registered, you can:

  • Full online access to your records, which you need to request via the Airmid app.  Please select “Organisations” and then click on “Mill Hill Surgery”. Next to “Full Clinical Record”, you can click on “Request access”. Visit our Online Services webpage for more guidance. We will then receive your request and start to process it. For children, there are restrictions and you need to discuss it further with us.
  • Help/advice via an online consultation which you can access through the NHSApp or our practice website here