Patient Participation Forum

Do you want a say in how your surgery is run?

If so please join our patient group which meets here every quarterly or so.  Just fill in your details on the below form.

A PPG is a group of patients interested in health and healthcare issues, who want to get involved with and support the running of their local GP Practice. Most Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) also include members of practice staff, and meet at regular intervals to decide ways and means of making a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by the practice to its patients.

Patient involvement in health is currently a high priority in the NHS. With the transition to GP commissioning this will become more and more important to practices. Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) based around surgeries can be a good way to establish a positive line of communication with patients.

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Contact the Patient Participation Group to join, or with any suggestions, comments and feedback for the forum meetings by completing the below form.

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