Dr Cabot to retire in December 2020. (Please click on link for more information)

After working as a GP partner at the practice for over thirty years, Dr Cabot will be retiring. Dr Rosie Hailstone will be joining the partnership in her place.

Patients currently registered with Dr Cabot will be allocated either to Dr Hailstone or to Dr Sasha Moyes over the next three months.

Appointments can still be made with whichever GP in the partnership a patient chooses to consult with.

Dr Cabot welcomes written messages from patients who wish to say goodbye, but respectfully requests that no presents are given. She says….

‘It has been a privilege, as part of the fantastic team here, to provide medical care for my patients for such a long time, watching children grow up to have careers and families of their own, helping people deal with the challenges of their illnesses and difficulties, and encouraging others to make changes to keep healthy. No further reward is necessary for me.’

We hope you will join us in wishing her a very happy and fulfilling retirement